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With Rick DellaRatta, drummer Chris Parker, and Mike Wicks on bass in Colorado.

Hot Mediums Jazz Festival appearance.

Festival sound check.

Last minute advice about not sitting too close to the cymbals.

In concert with drummer Randy Kaye and Pete Toigo on bass.

Locking in with drummer Myron Thomas and Larry Gravette as sax player Marcus Benoit looks on.

1992 “mug shot”.

At the Steinway

In the studio with drummer Gene Garone.....

Pianist Scott Bassinson.........

At the Falcon Ridge Festival 2003:

Band leader and cornet player Peter Ecklund

Pianist Joel Martin with Rick Eckberg on bass

Peter Ecklund with Richard Crooks on drums

Happy Joe

Playing Michael Greenfield’s “Green Iguana” archtop at the 2004 New York Guitar Show with Tony Jefferson on drums and bassist John Ray.

At the AIR Studio Gallery Guitar Summit, November 2004.

Duet with Dom Minasi.

Solo time.

Duet with Johnny Asia.

Vocalist Carol Mennie.

With Just Jazz Guitar Contributor Willie Yee.

Rehearsing The New Young Lions of Jazz Scholarship Band, March 2005

Let’s get it right, guys.

Jonah Johnathan, Steve Rosen, Austin Becker,       Tom Finn and Casey Winner

Performing at The Kingston Jazz Festival in June 2005.

Learning a few new tricks at a Master Class with guitar legend Gene Bertoncini, February 2006.

For gearheads only !

                       Polytone Mini Brute II in custom tweed!


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