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Here is an exercise that combines alternate picking and sweep picking techniques over various arpeggios: Down, Up, Down, Sweep, Sweep, Sweep, Up

Give your chord work some individuality by learning these Close Voicings

More close voicings in the minor mode: Minor Scale Harmonies

Further application of the close voicing approach with Blues Scale Harmonies and More!

Chord Nomenclature

Wes Montgomery guitar solo My Favorite Things [From Wes Montgomery Greatest Hits on A&M records]

Modes and  Scales

Joe Pass blues guitar solos

Pat Martino Sunny solo chorus.

Joe Pass blues guitar solos

John Coltrane solo excerpt Countdown [From Giant Steps on Atlantic records]

Various scalar harmonies: Scales & Chords

Wes Montgomery guitar solo Misty [From The Small Group Recordings on A&M records]

Pat Martino guitar solo Just Friends [From El Hombre on Prestige records]

Michael Brecker solo excerpt Impressions [From McCoy Tyner Trio/Infinity on Impulse records]

Sonny Stitt solo The Eternal Triangle [From Dizzy Gillespie/Sonny Side Up on Verve records]

Lester Young solo Slow Motion Blues[From The Complete Lester Young Studio Sessions on Verve records]

Approaching tones from the Cma7 chord with Ionian and Lydian tones and chromatics.

Linked Triads offer an alternative to scalar soloing.

Easy Mixolydian  scale studies

Pentatonic scale studies. Show off your technique.

Adding tension to the improvised line with Altered scale studies.

Mike Dimicco solo excerpt Autumn Leaves

Rhythm patterns every musician should know.

A small collection of unusual scales: Synthetic Modes

Know your chord tones! Keep this Chord Speller handy!

Here is a nice little exercise to get you playing fourths across the strings both up and down the neck.

Another technical exercise for picking fourths: More Fourths.

Explore the harmonic variations possible within the twelve bar blues form with these Blues Substitutions.


Here is an etude inspired by a Jimmy Raney lesson: “Here’s That Raney Day”

Guitar students never seem to get tired of this one. Here is a fingering chart for “Donna Lee”.

Lessons will be updated regularly. Stop back soon.

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