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Here is an exercise that combines alternate picking with sweep picking that can be applied to a wide variety of harmonies. The eight examples above are just to get the student pointed in the right direction. Many other arpeggios can be played using the same picking pattern.

Donít practice too fast at first. Itís important to be able to hear each voice in each example clearly. Try for a good clean articulation with the pick and a matching left hand technique that rolls along with the ascending line. The right palm can be used to mute the strings too and this is helpful if your articulation is a little sloppy at first. Work at integrating the pick with the left hand fingering to achieve the desired effect. Sweep picking wastes no motion: precision and efficiency are the keys to making this work in a musical way. Remember: sweep, donít strum. 

Donít become overly concerned with the chord symbols in this exercise. Some of these examples lend themselves to alternate nomenclature. The first arpeggio for instance, could just as easily be identified as a D minor harmony depending on the context. 


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