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In an altogether different vein comes the straight ahead sounds of guitarist JOE FINN on his self-produced BLUE TOMORROW. (JFP A-3544) (Muddy in the Bank/ Birk’s Work’s/ In Your Own Sweet Way/ ESP/ Wrong Together/ Rhythm-a-ning/ Early Maria/ Sister Cheryl/ Up Jumped Spring/ Lucky Southern/ Blue Tomorrow/ Dolphin Dance/ Union Pacific. 67:29. Albany, New York, April 21, 2002)(Finn, gtr; Mike Wicks, b; Sam Zucchini, d; Scott Bassinson, p.) ......for the most part this is a pleasing, often relaxing, well performed set of tunes by popular Jazz composers. Finn is highlighted throughout, and his fluid lines and rich tone are complimented by a sympathetic rhythm section. Pianist Scott Bassinson burns on the uptempo pieces, while Sam Zucchini works hard to keep the tempo constant. Finn and Bassinson seem to enjoy the challenge of the fast take on Monk’s “Rhythm-a-ning.” The slower pieces are effective, too, as Finn resists the temptation to double time his lengthy solo on Steve Swallow’s lazy “Wrong Together.” Again, Bassinson impresses with command of the chords and his fine supple improvisations. The down ‘n dirty closer, “Union Pacific,” highlights the blues styling of the group, with Finn relaxed and firm: It is not hard to imagine this group developing a following. The sound, recorded direct-to-disc, is surprisingly clean.

Joe Finn may be a player worth getting to know.

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